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No Space In Space

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No Space In Space - 2014 - 2016

Our method to create performances in a non-space between movie / theatre / performance where the performance should not be derived more from one than the other art form, but at the same time use all forms.

Method - PDF

Participants (in creation of the Method) - PDF




























Alternative Art - Fake News


May 2017 Faktum / Fiktum / Truth and Lie - may - bla bla - blablabla - started - bla bla bla ... gibberish gibberdish - talking without talking, but is it true?

June 2017 You are just being rude not understanding my truth - and bla bla - no no - no -/

June 2017 (27- 29) - Open soars at gunpoint - three day workshop in truth telling

Avoidance of telling when not telling. A search to unsecure the public space and by doing so making possible a research of the border position - using our method from - no space in space - creating a performative space in which we can stay at the border during five public events the summer of - - - 2017